I have created this wedding images gallery to showcase some of the images that I like to take at weddings. For me, wedding are foremost a celebration of two people, in love, getting married in front of the people they care about, their friends and family.If you have read throughout my site, I am mainly focused on real moments, as I believe that images that are not staged, that tell the real story of the day, that will become more important to you as time passes. Some images focus more on the joy of the wedding day, such as seen when the bride and groom walk up the aisle or during confetti shots.

Hugs, gentle touches on the shoulder, holding hands are also special as they show the affection from family members and friends. The emotion during speeches also show how much people mean to each other and of course, some speeches are also source of hilarity which is nice to see, witness and document. Having said that, even though I love capturing moments, I still love capturing a few portrait and some family photos, they are important too. I just simply don’t want photography to take over your wedding day, I prefer that you enjoy your wedding day with your family and friends and I can focus on creating those lasting memories for the two of you.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, I would recommend visiting my recent weddings section, where I publish a majority of weddings that I have documented and you can see my style and how I would document your wedding. Simply click on an image to see at full size and scroll through the rest.

jaffna wedding photographer | Banu photography
jaffna wedding photographer | Banu photography
jaffna wedding photographer | Banu photography
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